About Me

Myers, Alex

I am a full stack Rails developer, located in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

My Career


Senior Software Engineer

Feb. 2022 - Present
Senior Software Engineer

One Click Politics

Senior Software Engineer at One Click Politics. Modernized an archaic Monolith application into modernized Rails Microservices utilizing Docker images on AWS.

July 2021 - Jan 2022
Senior Software Engineer

CMPS Institute

Senior Software Engineer. Maintained a Rails Monolith. Introduced Continous Integration and automated testing. Built React soft phone system and auditing system.

November 2017 - July 2021
Senior Software Engineer

Enspire Software

Full stack Rails Engineer, and Scrum Master at Enspire software. Created multiple different software solutions, for customers. Technologies used: Ruby on Rails, node.js, Rails CMS, IOS, Andriod, Javascript, Bootstrap, RubyMotion, Magento, Minitest, Cucumber, Jenkins CI.

November 2015 - Current
Full Stack Rails Developer, Scrum Master

Squaremouth Inc.

Full Stack Rails Engineer. Maintained a large codebase, Devops experience in Chef, and Docker. As well as acting as a liason between Squaremouth and it's Carriers.

June 2012 - October 2015
Full Stack Rails Engineer


At July 2013,I graduated from college and started my IT technology tour.

Jul. 2013

My Skills





Agile Developement


Projects I've worked on:


A Travel Insurance Comparison Website.


ProfitHauler is an independent trucker's Book Keeper.


TotalRER is an all in one Real Estate Solution.


Livstyle is a Personality Assessment software suite.


Digitized Workflow for the Honor Flight Network

Peen Solver

Shot Peening Calculation and Graphing Tool

AroZone Training Software

Interactive Documentation and Training Software for arozone pumps.

Goodwill Rewards System

Goodwill Rewards system integrating with their POS system.

Fruchey Management System

Project management, Payroll, and Workflow digitization for Don R. Fruchey Inc.

Deister Machine Management System

Deister Machine Managment and Documentation System with an API for the mobile applications

CMPS Institute LLC

CRM for Mortgage Specialists.

One Click Politics

Comprehensive Digital Advocacy Solutions for Companies, Associations, and Nonprofits.